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  • It is simple to operate, press a button and the operation started.
  • There are 16 Airbags =16 massagers (16 pieces of position of whole body   pressurize and massage) for serving you.
  • 10 kinds of digital programmable pressure are adjustable.
  • 10 kinds of automatic operation of the computer program. (designed for different needs).
  •           The unique function of self-leakage detection.
  •           The unique protection for abnormal over voltage and alarm.
  •           The safety switching device for emergency use. (It’s safer for using.)
  • The special cutting designed for the shoulder airbag. (Massage for shoulder pain)
  • The special fitted-cut designed for the buttock airbag. (There is a great effect to lift the hips)
  •           The special cut shapes for groin airbag.
  •           Safety -- The flexible massage is using by air pressure and won’t cause injuries.
  • Economy — Multi-function in one machine. The worth more than its cost and value.
  • Convenience — the special designed of accessory, it can be finished to wear about 1 min.
  • Efficiency — it’s effective to improve the post exercise muscle soreness and lassitude after working.
  • Comfortableness — the general massager is hard massager and felt pain after using. This massager is more flexible with no negative influence.
  • Function — this product is multi-function purposes for beauty, medical rehabilitation, recover from tiredness & accelerate the metabolism.
  • Stylish — the product is streamline designed in shape and overall design for outfit.