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The Fast Comfortable Massage Chair F1
  • 3D Deep Massage
    The deep massage feature uses strong and soft massage for deep-reaching action. 
    The function acts the same way as human fingers to leave your entire body smoothed and relaxed. 
    It’s the fastest way to a real, effective massage. 
    Choose from six different levels of strength to meet your own personal needs.
  • Focused Finger Massage
    The traditional finger massage technique is translated into a focused massage program using the latest in technology. 
    Massaging action is concentrated where you need it the most for fast, soothing relief from stress and tension.
  • Air Massage
    A honeycombed cushion and footrest deliver gentle massage through pulses of air. 
    This method is particularly effective for the back and legs, for people who spend too much time sitting or standing.
  • The best combination of tapping, kneading and rolling
    The F1 Massage Chair incorporates the latest in massage technology for comfortable, effective tapping, kneading and rolling. 
    the rollers on the massage wheel act the same way as human hands in working and massaging tired and tense areas of the body. 
    They work up and down, in and out, in all directions for a complete massage from the skin to deep inside the muscles, all with no pain.
  • All-new Technology
    Colorflul LCD remote control / Seven pre-set massage programs / 
    Automatic air massage / Seat vibration / Focused finger massage
    (Full / upper / middle / lower body)
  • Made in Taiwan

1. Measurement: 148 x 79 x 77.2cm
2. N.W.: 78.5kg
3. G.W.: 92kg
4. 110V / 60Hz, 220 / 50Hz